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Come for a Kite Safari

With a beautiful Pacific Island and enough experience there are a number of options for a Kite Safari.

A Kite Safari is a guided tour of different places to kitesurf around Efate including lessons.

For some it will be spending the Day at Mele Beach, for others it will be getting to hidden spots such as White Sands or a long down winder from Takara to Pele. We can discuss a specific plan for what you want to do, where you want to go and also what you are capable of doing.

Half Day Kite Safari          30,000 vatu
Full Day Kite Safari           50,000 vatu

Transport is included for up to 3 people. If it is a larger group we can organise suitable transport.

With transport for more than 3 people this will be organised ad costed seperately

Food and drinks can be supplied or self-purchased.

Some Kite Safari suggestions unclude:

  • A session at Takara
  • A Day at Pele Sunrise Bungalow
  • A downwind kite safari from Takara and ending at either Pele or Kakula Island
    You will need a guide to take you around the reef
  • Get a group and book a day trip to Kakula Private Island
  • Stay in a bungalow sucn as Pele Sunrise Bungalow
  • Spend the day kiting at Mele and then watch the Fire Show at the Mele Beach Bar
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